Kent State University Kiva Auditorium

Kent Student Center  

1075 Risman Drive

Kent, OH 44242

Saturday, September 10, 2016    

1:00 - 3:30 PM

“We Come in Peace” was a panel discussion that discussed the social, moral, and economic implications of Artificial Intelligence as it affects the life of the average citizen.

Can We Stop the AI Invasion?

Should We?


Preparing for a Future in Artificial Intelligence

From May - July 2016, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy co-hosted four public workshops on topics in AI to spur public dialogue on artificial intelligence and machine learning and identify challenges and opportunities related to this emerging technology. These four workshops were co-hosted by academic and non-profit organizations, and two of them were co-hosted by the National Economic Council. These workshops fed into the development of a public report later this year.


This panel on artificial intelligence, entitled:

“We Come In Peace”,

discussed the many current positive contributions from AI technology and what it may provide in the future, but also discussed the challenges that have to be met in implementing AI for our society. Extensive questions were posed to the panelists from the moderator and the audience.

Dr. Pooyan


Director of the People

and Robots Laboratory at Cleveland State University

Dr. Sven Koenig

Professor of Computer Science at University of Southern California

Dr. Mark Vopat

Professor of Political Philosophy, Applied

Ethics at Youngstown

State University

Artificial Intelligence:

Law and Policy

University of Washington School of Law Tech Policy


Seattle, WA 05.24.16

Artificial Intelligence

For Social Good

Computing Community Consortium

Washington D.C.


Safety and Control

Artificial Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh PA.


Social and Economic


Artificial Intelligence

Skirball Center for the

Performing Arts

New York NY


Paul Carlson

Intelligent Community Strategist for Columbus


Stuart Johnson

Vice President of

Connected Nation



Cofounder and CTO

of AvatarFleet