Kent State University Kiva Auditorium

Kent Student Center

1075 Risman Drive

Kent, OH 44242

Saturday, September 10, 2016    

1:00 - 3:30 PM

“We Come in Peace” was a panel discussion that discussed the social, moral, and economic implications of Artificial Intelligence as it affects the life of the average citizen.

Can We Stop the AI Invasion?

Should We?


The Videos:

Part 1:

Cameron Hughes (the moderator) discusses the purpose of the panel discussion and introduces each panelist. The poses the question “What is Artificial Intelligence to each panelists.

Part 2:

Panelists discusses the whether the goals of AI is to model human intelligence, will AI replace many human activities including jobs, and will AI systems develop biases.

Part 3 (Q&A):

Cameron Hughes (the moderator) invites the audience to ask questions.

Booklet and Pictures:

Here is the link to the booklet and pictures on our Meetups page.

Discussion Highlights